Customer Notice: 2024 will incur some price alterations and will be completed by the 15th January 2024.


Making pigment & paint from our land & shoresStart Date: 19th NovemberEnd Date: Time: 11-2pm

This deeply connecting workshop brings us back to the way our ancestors sourced and made paint . This workshop will be a  introduction to making natural pigments from some or our shores and land, you will learn how to make a fine pigment, how to create a water colour. This is a workshop for those that love to explore colour texture and create art from are most precious natural materials.

Refreshments are provided and all materials are provided with a selection of paints to try and explore. This is such a beautiful process to do together in our logfired cosy barn. We have only 8 places avaialble so booking is essential.

New Years Eve Yoga - Rest & JoyStart Date: 31st December 2023End Date: Time: 10 - 1.00 pm

As the year ends, I would like to invite you to a morning workshop where we will practice mindful, intuitive releasing and strengthening movements, together with therapeutic use of sound resonances (mantra) and deep relaxation. “When you feel a peaceful joy, that is when you are near the truth.” RUMI

The cost for the workshop is £30.

Please contact Dina for further information or to book a place ([email protected]; mob 07816545491;

Dina Lew gained her British Wheel of Yoga teacher Diploma in 2009, and completed the BWY Pranayama Self-Development module with Philip Xerri in 2010. She has taught classes, workshops and residential courses.

Charcoal, Crayons & ToolsStart Date: 10th FebruaryEnd Date: Time: 11-2pm

A really exciting workshop at this time of year when the colder months are upon us and the fires are lit. Crafting has always been part of our ancestors way of being with what nature provides. Come and learn how to make some basic art and crafting materials, all sourced form nature, from wax crayons to charcoal sticks in the fire, we will explore the basic priciples of making effective art materials which take nothing away from our land. 

We will share stories and tales as we slowly begin to emerge from Winter and be supprted by the crackle of the fire as we craft. The refreshemnts of winter berry tonic will be available with biscuits and fruit.

I really love this time of year when we can get together and share the lightening  days, we have 8 places  available . Please contact our resident artist for any further questions . 

Sound Journey Healing Start Date: 24th NovemberEnd Date: Time: 7pm-8pm


Sound journey  is with Helen Leece, who embodies the vibration of natural voice, overtones and mantra chanting to ease you into a relaxed state to welcome the sounds of wind and venus gong, crystal bowls, singing bowls, percussion with harp. Sounds  that are created come from a deep place of wisdom and experience, Helen will gently guide you through the journey and accompany you with the ebb and flow of sound vibrations.Everything is vibration, our thoughts, our actions and our intentions so come and rest with us and give your self this time. 

Sound has many benefits and can support sleep, pain, anxiety, blockages and enhance clarity whilst staying grounded. You will be invited to sit or lie on a mat and I ask you bring blankets, pillows and anything for your own comfort.


The Gathering Fields Barn ( Full Moon Sound Journey)

21st December 7pm -'8pm Soup and Winter Solstice Friendship £15  

2nd February 2024 7pm-8pm Imbolc 

25th February 2024 7pm-8pm

23rd March 2024 7pm-8pm


Booking is essential and £15 p/p  for each session via [email protected]. Please pay on the night.

£10.00 per session
The art of making plant Ink'sStart Date: TBCEnd Date: Time: 11am-2pm

Have you ever wondered how to create natural plant inks that can be used for painting your own creations. Come and explore the wonders of natural ink making. What colour do flowers and barks make and how to stabalize the ink. Come and join us in our cosy logfired barn and get creative with some of our residents artists palette from nature. 

We will begin with a seasonal  herbal tea and the rest of the workshop will be at your own pace, in a relaxed environment as we explore the inks in depth. We have only 8 places so booking is essential

Wim Hof Training ResidentialStart Date: 27th & 28th JanuaryEnd Date:

Alex is on a committed healing journey. Through his lifelong battle with mental health he had only one choice; to go deep inside the body & mind.

Alex has trained at numerous events, through this and training with Wim in Stroe & at the Winter expedition in Poland he experienced a new depth of feeling which was previously unknown to him. It was here Wim gave him the name 'Lionman' and it was through this he found his purpose.

Through this exploration; he has developed the power through which to share his story and teach this powerful method. Through commitment to the Wim Hof Method he has found himself and his tribe. Alex now communicates as a living breathing example that there is hope for people who are also struggling. He now dedicates himself to the Wim Hof Method so that others too can experience powerful healing and new depths to their being.

Be assured that Alex will lead instruction with care, understanding and commitment. Alex gives his whole heart to this practice.

To enquire or book contact [email protected] 

For booking


Alex is a gentle man with a big heart. It is through his pain he found his power.

Alex welcomes you to experience the amazing benefits he has felt through his own practice. So you too, can feel happiness health and strength!