Customer Notice: 2024 will incur some price alterations and will be completed by the 15th January 2024.


Making pigment & paint from our land & shoresStart Date: 21st April 2024End Date: Time: 11am - 3pm

This deeply connecting workshop brings us back to the way our ancestors sourced and made paint . This workshop will be a  introduction to making natural pigments from some or our shores and land, you will learn how to make a fine pigment, how to create a water colour. This is a workshop for those that love to explore colour texture and create art from are most precious natural materials.

 We will explore the land at the Gathering Fields Wellbeing centre and look at different stones, clays and pigment from our surrounding shores. ( please bring a pack lunch) The afternoon will be comparing materials and making paint from our found materials.

Refreshments are provided but please bring your own lunch .All materials are provided with a selection of paints to try and explore. This is such a beautiful process to do together and explore our surrounding area and shores stories. The class room  is our logfired cosy barn and a great place to try your artist skills and paint the way our ancestors did. We have only 8 places avaialble so booking is essential.


Full Moon Sound Journey Healing Start Date: See dates belowEnd Date: Time: 7pm-8pm


Sound journey healing is a group session  with Helen Leece, who embodies the vibration of natural voice, overtones and mantra chanting to ease you into a relaxed state to welcome the sounds of wind and venus gong, crystal bowls, singing bowls, percussion with harp. Sounds  that are created come from a deep place of wisdom and experience, Helen will gently guide you through the journey and accompany you with the ebb and flow of sound vibrations. Sound has many benefits and can support sleep, pain, anxiety, blockages and enhance clarity whilst staying grounded. You will be invited to sit or lie on a mat and I ask you bring blankets, pillows and anything for your own comfort.

The Gathering Fields Barn   

Gathering for the full moon  we will be holding space for a sound bath 

24th May 7pm -8pm

Email to book please or message 07791254101

£10.00 per session
Landscapes of Colour Exploring Natural materials and Wild ColourStart Date: 29th JuneEnd Date: 30th JuneTime: 10am-3.30pm

Welcoming artists Edward and Lucy from Dumfries to bring us an extended experience of exploring wild colours form nature, pit firing clay and the wide range of plant colours available here in Bowland

Book via

During this two day course we will celebrate the naturally derived colours from earth and plants. We will spend time foraging and learning how to gather potential colour sources from the landscape. We will learn the transformation techniques involved in converting stones, clay, earth and plants into a range of ink and paints. This will include looking at the history and folklore of materials and how they were sourced and created in the past.

On the first day we will gather wild clay from the land of Bowland. You will then learn how to process the clay and make your own clay vessels, which will be fired in a traditional pit firing or firebowl in the evening (firing not included in the workshop, however we will give an explanation on the firing). The following day, these will then be filled with the ink and paint we make during the workshop to take home at the end of the two days.

This workshop will be a celebration of place, colour and the rich history of the human relationship and involvement with the landscape bridging the ancient with the contemporary world.

We will have lots of paints and inks with us from our collection for participants to try out, giving an insight into the huge potential of foraged colour. Time allowing we will make some simple reed and bamboo dip pens for you to use with your inks and to add to your collection of foraged inks and paints.

PLEASE NOTE: This weekend workshop is taking place at The Gathering Fields, Lancashire Bowland. Find out more about The Gathering Fields including where to find them at The Gathering Fields is situated on a working farm, with a beautiful ancient broad leaf woodland and river walk nearby.

For anyone needing accomodation, The Gathering Fields is offering beds in the shared bunk-barn at £25 per person, camping on the land is £20 per person. Van park up is availiable, £20 per person. There are washing up facillities, hot showers, under cover camp fire area and grills. There is a place to heat food with cutlery and crockery availiable until 10pm.

A warm evening meal (one pot vegetarian cooked meal and sides) can be provided at £15 and breakfast (fruit, cereals or hot porridge) is £9.50 per person. You are welcome to opt in or out of any of these options.

Refreshments will be served throughout the day.

Book your accommodation and food through The Gathering Fields by email [email protected] or phone 07791 254101.

Online Flower Essence Master ClassStart Date: 25th MarchEnd Date: Time: 6pm-7.30pm

Helen is sharing her knowledge with this online session for 10 people, that want to know more about flower essences and the life changing benefits they bring to the world.

Do you want to know more about Vibrational Flower Essences.How do they work ? How they can enhance your life ? How  do they can open up more connections to people and community ? How they change the vibration of your inner world and outer world ?

This online session is an opportunity to meet the creator of the flower essences and learn about the amazing benefits of flower essence therapy. Many people ask , how  do they work and what are flower essences. This session we meet other like minded people who are interested in the pure magic and alchemy of creating essences and working with them on a personal level. 

You will meet others and get the opportunity to ask questions whilst sharing your experiences. Anyone that embarks on this workshop will be guided  by Helen with a flower essence meditation and get chance to hone in on the vibrational medicine available to us all.. This will be a warm and freindly meeting place that encourages you to link into your own garden, land and community. Helen will be available to share her extensive knowledge of flower essences and how to work with them in a creative way.

It is friendly, fun and informative whilst welcoming everyone, those who are new to flower essences or for those that maybe want to expand their knowledge and self enquiry.

The Art of making plant Ink's & walking the LandStart Date: 17th March 2024End Date: Time: 12pm-4pm

Have you ever wondered how to create natural plant inks that can be used for painting your own creations. Come and explore the wonders of natural ink making. What colour do flowers and barks make and how to stabalize the ink. Come and join us in our cosy logfired barn and get creative with some of our residents artists palette from nature. 

We will begin with a seasonal  herbal tea and a walk around the land seeking new colurs of the Spring. The rest of the workshop will be at your own pace, in a relaxed environment as we explore the inks in depth, how to make them and you will have time to paint with them and see how they move and feel. Please bring your journal or watercolour note book .We have only 8 places so booking is essential

Women's Introduction Scything dayStart Date: 2nd JulyEnd Date:

 We welcome Andi Rickard the National Scything  Ladies Champion  and a member of the Scythe association for Britain and Ireland, who will be joining us in the Gathering Fields Meadow for an introduction to scything for women course. This day is designed to be informative and practical whilst a nourishing experience. It will be  supported by the meadow host Helen who will provide a vegetarian light lunch and an evening meal cooked around the fire at the end of your day.

We have free parking, toilet  and kitchen on site with  refreshments. Food is vegetarian and we do not cater for complex food sensitivites. You are welcome to bring your own food with you and have suitable cool places.

We have a undercover out door space with drinking water and seating. Dogs are welcome as long as at all time they are kept on a lead and out of the main classroom which is indoors.

 Your day includes Introduction to the scything, history and  anatomy, the different types available and their uses. The selection and set-up and choosing the right tool for the job. Fitting the scythe to you to minimise the risk of pain and strain and maximise efficiency.Safety Considerations and keeping yourself and others safe at work while exploring mowing techniques. Coping with differing terrains and vegetation, maintenance and sharpening whilst looking after your scythe, mastering honing and a chance to try peening.

A chance to discuss haymaking, woodland management, wild flower meadows and anything else depending on your individual or group needs

Camping is available on site at £20 a night  - I can hire you can hire the 8 bed bunk barn which is a shared space for £25 per night . we are situated on a working farm in Bowland and our meadow is a restored Wild flower Hay Meadow  supported by The Bowland National Landscapes.

We have only 8 places available for the day . If you wish to enquire about camping or accomodation please contact Helen [email protected]