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About Us

About The Farm

Helen who has been a holistic therapist for 23 years and is trained in Ayurveda, Yoga and Flower Essence therapy has an affinity with nature and believes it to be medicine for the soul, benefiting our immunity and wellbeing. She believes that being in touch with nature can strengthen our immunity and improve our overall wellbeing. Helen inspires people to build natural practices into everyday living and into our communities. The farm has been in Helen's family for 52 years and is still a working farm. When you visit the land you will find, peace, wildness, space and learn all about Wildflowers and our natural habitat. Helen is an intuitive and sensitive empath that is in tune with her landscape and environment gently guiding and educating you to a better way of being.

The Gathering Fields

It quickly became Helen's dream to turn part of the farm into a holistic wellbeing centre which fosters nature-based living. The farm is now taking on a new life with the phrase "getting back to you roots" fully embodies the work we do at the Gathering Fields. Helen offers a safe nurturing space which allows people to fully express themselves through sitting, reflecting, creating and connection. We welcome you to share stories, skills, open fires, music, make friendships and from here we can bring people together to grow a community.

The Gathering Fields