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The Bee and Blossom Apothecary

About Us

The Bee and Blossom Apothecary was inspired by the nature based holistic system known as Ayurveda. Ayurveda teaches the source of our wellbeing and balance is deeply rooted in the benefits of certain plants, herbs, flowers, and lifestyle approaches including the practice of Yoga.

Helen who is the founder of Bee and Blossom Apothecary began her journey 12 years ago when she embarked on an Ayurvedic diet, lifestyle, and therapy training. This was shortly followed by a 12-month internship with an Ayurvedic Doctor treating complex medical conditions.

Through this, it became evident to Helen that, as human beings our very existence depends on the health of our plants, foods communities and eco system. With-out this, we as human beings become imbalanced and our wellness negatively affected.

Helen’s knowledge of Ayurveda is at the root of all she creates, and this inspired the Rewilding Meadow Project to increase awareness and help people to reconnect to nature while establishing some of our lost native species.


The Source of Your Product

In 2018 Helen dedicated her time to restoring 3 acres of land in collaboration with the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and the Hay Meadow Restoration Project. It was here that the People, Plants and Possibilities ethos became clear, when people and communities are immersed in nature the possibilities for growth and healing are endless, it is this that underpins all programmes, products, retreats and community groups that take place on the land.

2020 brought change for everyone around the world, so the online Bee & Blossom Apothecary was created to expand connection.


My Gift To You

My devotion and love for nature inspires everything I create and is the source of all my products. In the Hindu spiritual practice, they call it Bhakti Yoga, where your spiritual path is focused on the loving devotion towards a deity, in my practice the deity is nature itself. Many flowers are handpicked from beautiful meadows. Most importantly nothing is picked unless it grows in abundance and Helen plants more than she picks. My unique creation of the range of vibrational flower essences does not necessitate picking the flower itself.

I am passionate about ethical and natural products that are free from harmful chemicals. Your packaging is sourced where possible from local companies and all can be recycled.

Most importantly my love for wildlife and nature always comes first.



Our Wildflower hay meadow is supported by the Green Recovery Fund which promotes nature restoration and conservation which is now part of the journey towards UKs economic recovering from the pandemic and its transition to net zero climate program

Wildflower hay meadows are one of our rarest habitats and a priority for conservation and enhancement in the UK Biodiversity Action Plan. Largely lost from the rest of the country, these meadows survive thanks to traditional farming practices.