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The Flower Portal Oracle

The Limited Edition "Flower Portal Oracle" is a handcrafted set of cards to compliment the flower and environmental essences created by Helen Leece. Helen is a wise earth teacher with a lifetime of plant knowledge. This Oracle portal creation has been channeled over the last 7 years, and her authentic wise wisdom expressed in the oracle booklet that accompanies each image and essence. Each oracle card and essence has its own story and divine wisdom from a variety of alignments and portals through out Britain. The set contains 7 Master cards which are the portals to the unconscious mind and soul, and 15 Single Flower cards that are there to guide, light and support your emotion's, which are the hidden messages of the subconscious mind. Each card can be worked with as an image alone, or you can purchase a flower essence to accompany it. This set is a true gift of deep authentic sharing and can assist you in your personal growth work or with in your therapy or professional practice. Practitioners kit's are available on request where you can purchase the Flower Portal oracle with all her 22 essences. This is a limited edition and with only 7 kits released, each purchase will include 3 days of training. Please message for more details.