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Self Heal

Alignment and Grounding This flower essence was made from sunset to sunrise in the centre of the triple spiral 2nd July 2019 it was made from the hay meadow at the gathering fields, the field was full of blooming selfheal, robust yet the powerful blooms of purple hue bring joy an overall self of wellbeing and wholeness as you walk among them. Every part of your being senses this plant and a true indication to self care, heal all with this plant the heart of the earth encourages you to heal all that is longing to be healed. Self heal shifts you into a gear of thriving and not just existing…… A truly grounding and centering experience is felt when connecting to Self Heal. Insights arise with this cooling flower that anchors you into the now. How can it help : Grounding, restorative, aligning, awakening the souls sense of being of the earth, brings courage to take time out to allow your body to heal, supportive, helps you understand the message of your body, refreshing, drawing all scattered parts of us back into alignment, brings about thriving health shifting us down a gear into resting mode. Ideal for times of extreme transformation and realization.