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Imbolc Essence

Full Blood Moon in Leo 23rd January 2019 Craik Forrest Scotland For personal use or environmental This essence captured the light of the moon in a glorious forest with the presence of the luminous white angelic figure of a woman with her arms around the whole forest overseeing the beauty of the trees and plants. Snow drops in small colonies clustered the ground while streams ran clear blue and ancient lichen hung like beards form the trees. As I connected to this female deva, I really sensed her as Bridget, she blew gently on my face and requested a flame with the essence and crystals of amazonite and quartz. She asked for the honouring of the land and requested mantra. So the essence was set amongst the forest overnight in candle light with the lunar forces beaming down. I set about painting the image of the forest deva and she asked for more white light as I painted her image, it started to get dark, so I set about my mantra Om Shrim Klim Lakshmi Namaha the mantra of abundance. I imagined the painting with more light, illuminated with glowing white light radiating out in the dark night sky. As I slept the essence stayed out the whole night and a blanket of silence bestowed the forest, a deep rest ascended and I plunged into the deep alone time. The morning I awoke to the sight of fallen snow blanketing the whole forest, and there I stayed for three days. How Can it help…New beginnings, shedding the old, illumination of the soul and connecting earth energy to etheric realms of the cosmos, creative union with spirit, creativity, environmental and personal essence, light bringer, epiphany.