Customer Notice: 2024 will incur some price alterations and will be completed by the 15th January 2024.


Flower Essence Consultations

Are Flower essences for you? Helen makes some of her own essences, she will gently channel the wisdom of the plant or environment while making the essence, her art work brings forward the messages of her deep soul work and is significant part of her work with people and the land. Some essences are made from other parts of the country such as Scotland ( Hebrides) where the Sea Maiden Essence was created to help us work deeply clearing our waters and a beautiful aura cleanser (see image below). Are you sensitive, intuitive and an empath Do you feel you have a divine purpose but not sure what that is Do you know the depth of your soul Are you in tune with your landscape and environment Are you passionate about the earth, plants and flowers Are you spiritually awake Do you know why you are here Do you want to change your vibration in this world Do you feel sometimes disconnected Helen creates a therapeutic space allowing you to have time to listen and hear your self. Consultations can be arranged one to one or one line. This one hour session is set aside for you to gain a deeper understanding of your state of being. Your first consultation will provide a deeper understanding of flower essences and a one month supply of flower essence combination.