Ancestors Heckling Retreat

Join us for a creative retreat leading us to the time of year where we honour our ancestors. our words are precious and our acknowledgment of the year gone by , our thoughts, fears and hopes are all heard at this time. To heckle is a process where fibres were split and straighten in preparation for spinning yarn for weaving. When the fibres were cleaned and cleared the spinning and weaving of the new could begin. Together we will cast are thoughts back to those that crafted before us, we will thread the beads with the hawthorn berries to make hawhtorn prayer braclet. We will create and weave magical tools for the coming winter months. This creative and relaxing day of crafting and exploring will give us the space to just be . Your day will start with Yoga Nidra and sound, then we will have the opportunity to explore some of the ways our ancestors sought guidance and clarity . We will explore the Flower Portal Oracle to seek guidance for our creative session together dedicating crafted tools to our ancestors opening up the lines of communication between you and them as we move forward into the winter months. £120.00