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How to Select and Use Essences

Selecting your own flower essences is something you can safely do for yourself and must not be selected for children or anyone else. If you feel you need further help please contact the practitioner.

The process of selecting your essence(s) is best when in a mindful state, in a quiet space where you can set aside the time to focus on your specific state of being at this time. From here you will select the essence/essences which feel must supportive for you.

Each essence has an instruction as to how to take. Essences can be used in room atomizers and for animals but please do seek advice if your intention is not just for your own stae of being.

It is adviced to see a practitioner when taking more than one essence please email [email protected].

Flower Essences

Imbolc Essence
Sea Maiden
Hawthorn Heart Flower Essence
Wild Garlic Flower Essence
Black Cohosh Flower Essence
Globe Flower Essence
Self Heal
Pink Yarrow Flower Essence
Temple Of Divine Union Essence