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Elder Flower Champagne

Elder Flower Champagne

2nd of December, 2020

Elder flowers refresh the senses and tickle the taste buds especially when made into Champagne. There is something very satisfying about making your own Champagne from foraged flowers. So here is my recipe for you to have a try.


15 Flower heads from the Elder (Pick on a sunny day )

2 Litre Boiling Water

6 L Cold Water

1 kg Sugar

4 lemons peeled and sliced

5 g Champagne



You will need:

1 large 10 L container


Muslin Cloth

4 Bottles ( 2 L each)

Melt the sugar in the boiling water and place the heads into the mixture. Pour all the liquid into the large container and add all the Lemons. Seal the container and keep in a warm place. After 3 days if there are no bubbles or froth simply add a pinch of yeast then cover for a further 2 days. Strain the liquid and decant into glass bottles with very tight lids. Leave the Champagne for a further week or even more. Enjoy with friends and for celebrations.