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Magical Mugwort

Magical Mugwort

2nd of December, 2020

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Magical Mugwort with sound was offered as part of this nurturing retreat at The Gathering Fields.  Plant wisdom never ceases to amaze me especially when accompanied with the vibration of sound. I often question what am I actually doing here, what am I learning, what is my purpose but there is a deep knowing inside of me that is moved to continue on this journey, deep listening and trusting unfolds before me every time I sink into the wisdom of plant medicine. Mugwort has been such a teacher for me since I was a little girl and every time, I connect with her, yet another message prevails. So, I was asked to bring Mugwort to a group through a sound healing. As I asked Mugwort to accompany me, there was no resistance, as one of my allies she is always ready to guide me. So, I set about making an infusion gently taking her stems and gifting to her a beautiful piece of Amethyst at her roots to show my gratitude. Mugwort flower essence made last year was infused into the water to weave in all aspects of working with Mugwort. So, the sound bath took place and she held people beautifully as the sound carried their dreams and intentions into the cosmos. All that is required is to connect and stand to one side as Mugwort brings about her swirling energy into consciousness. It is very simple just allow and trust as her luminous vibration makes her way into your very being.

So as the participants were left to rest and sleep, as so did I, a profound message came through in the night for me to share to you all.

" All that you created within the higher realms is being cleared now, you came here together as an imbalance, you will journey forward with more alignment from this moment on. The music and vibration that you weave together clears layers of past karma, so it is now done. You are free to inspire and create a new vibration, you have opened a portal by connecting with me so that is now complete, so now you will be moved to another way of working and it will become clear for you all. The more you resist the more tired you become and bound by what was, the more you open and speak freely the divine light is able to put you where you need to be for this lifetime. Open your hearts now and surrender as it does not serve you to hold back and protect yourself so. We have it all taken care of, you have very little choice other than to let it all happen around you like the blossom that falls from a hawthorn tree, you can't catch every piece, nor can you predict where it will go. You paths are nothing other than union of father sky and mother earth, recognise yet again the female as sovereign of the earth and land she tends, so recognise the male as guardian of her power, let nothing creep in, let no one abuse her, yet orchestrate her being with your receptive self. Fear, well fearless as you move forward as nothing bad will happen to you this time around.

The next morning as I went to gift back the used stems to the growing Mugwort, I searched for the Amethyst I placed at her roots of the plant only to find that it had disappeared, so maybe Mugwort had an intention for this crystal, maybe I will find it one day, maybe I won't , but I trust she has it all in hand.

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